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  • Cracovia a piedi

    Cracovia a piedi

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    Cracovia dalla parte della Vistola

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    Visita dei dintorni di Cracovia

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    Per oggi


The "Cracow for You" foundation was established to promote the city of Krakow and the surrounding region. In Krakow, there is "no time to sleep", in Krakow there is always something interesting going on. We offer a host of attractions to enable you or your clients to get the most out of time spent in our city; we can also provide assistance in selecting accommodation and in planning time in the Malopolska region, outside the city itself. It is our self-imposed objective to show off Krakow in all its beauty and to draw attention to the many other assets of Southern Poland. You will receive a warm welcome from the city's friendly residents all year round. Come to this city once and you will always want to return.

Prenotazione: alberghi, pensioni, alberghi, camere per gli ospiti, camere private, appartamenti
Escursioni locali: Zakopane, Częstochowa (Madonna Nera), traversata di Dunajec.
Visite guidate in lingue: inglese, francese, tedesco, italiano, spagnolo, russo
Gratis: piantine della citta, dépliant, volantini.